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Just a few minutes drive from Villa Mimosa you will find Selinunte with beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, picturesque harbour and various restaurants. Or the vibrant historic town Castelvetrano, with regular markets and a beautiful piazza to sit in, whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

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Ficuzza has one of the last remaining patches of virgin forest – Sicily before the Greeks and Romans cleared the land for growing grain, was all like this.

There are picnic areas and beautiful walks to be enjoyed and, set amongst all this, the palatial hunting lodge built for the monstrous Ferdinand IV. Nelson, for reasons best known to himself, liked this king and his Austrian queen; brutally putting down a justifiable rebellion and moving the Royal couple to Sicily and out of the way of Napoleon’s advance.

The lodge is open to the public every day. Next to it, you can visit the Bird Sanctuary, dedicated to treating injured and sick birds and then releasing them back into the wild.